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Account Information

Banking Options minimum amount Maximum amount: trading time
Online Banking (pay online) 500 50,000 5 Mins
TOPPay (Bank Transfer) 100 50,000 5 Mins
Online Banking 500 50,000 30 Mins
TOPPay (Bank Transfer) 100 50,000 30 Mins

Problems related to deposit :

How to deposit?
Answer:Hello, Panalobet provides online top-up service, just click on your member account at the top of the homepage, you can use the "deposit" function to make a quick deposit via bank account verification.

What do I do if I can't top up?
A: Hello, the top up is not available, please contact customer service for face-to-face waiver.

What is the account number for payment?
Answer:Hello, in order to protect the security of customer funds, this website's receiving account does not change regularly, members must make a deposit through the website's deposit function. Remove related issues :

How to withdraw money?
Reply:Hello, please log in, click on your member account at the top of the homepage, you can select "Withdraw" in the left navigation bar to fill in the relevant information to complete the withdrawal.

How many times can I mention in a day? What are the withdrawal limits?
Answer:Hello, the minimum withdrawal amount of Panalobet is 500 yuan, the withdrawal amount is unlimited, when you do not get any recharge discount, the most effective bet amount is 1 times the deposit amount can be withdrawn. To guarantee you the freedom to control your funds, we provide 24/7 online service.

How long does it take to withdraw money?
Reply:Hello, Panalobet is a company. Professional book, whenever you process a withdrawal request, funds will be sent to your bank account within 30 minutes.

What are the precautions for withdrawal requests?
Reply:Hi, in order to make the payment processing more accurate and faster, please fill in the actual information when withdrawing, Panalobet only allows payments to the bank account that you have linked when you open your account.

Why can't I withdraw my money?
Answer:Hello, please check if any of the following conditions exist: When the system is insufficient, please confirm that the amount of each game room has been transferred to The main account or not, the game hall amount cannot be withdrawn directly. Withdrawals must meet the minimum withdrawal amount (500 yuan) effective betting conditions, the general withdrawal effective bet amount is twice the deposit amount, if members have applied for a discount, special requirements will be considered. If the withdrawal bank cannot withdraw the funds because maintenance can be performed after the maintenance period. Betting problem :

How can I be sure my money in my account is safe? Is it safe to gamble? Reply:Hello, after opening a member account, please do not share the password to others and avoid landing in public places such as Internet cafes, Panalobet, confirm the security of the application member for withdrawal. Limited to binding accounts of member banks, all member transmissions are based on secure ports (SSL128bitencrypt). Standard) and stored on a tightly protected standalone server.

How to prove that game results are real-time, fair and fair. A:Hello, Panalobet Gaming License is issued by First Cagayan FCLRC, First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation and abides by the principles of fairness and fairness, game content, game software testing and its operations are all subject to the exclusive economic zone of Philippines (CEZA) Cagayan Special Economic Zone Officials and First Cagayan Supervision, please rest assured.

Can my bet amount be adjusted?
Answer:Hello, you can consult the online customer service and provide the name game account and the game betting room to the customer service

When will anti-water release now? Need a lot of water to withdraw money?
Answer:Hello, anti-water calculation depends on the time of each game platform, water counter commission will be issued at 17: 00 the next day in Thailand time, the waterproof commission can be directly withdrawn without valid bets.