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Responsibility for playing games

Social responsibility

Panalobet is committed to taking responsible cross-border online gambling as an entertainment that is legally accepted by millions of players around the world. However, it must be admitted that there are still a small number of participants that may be because minors sometimes experience gambling problems affecting their lifestyle and financial situation.

Therefore, the company hopes to demonstrate our responsibility by taking care of all participants through a proactive policy in dealing with issues affecting society. Therefore, Panalobet firmly and strictly enforces the following policies:

Restricting minors from entering the website

Panalobet requires new customers to verify that they have reached 18 years of age and may take some measures on the website that require verification. If a member is found to be illegally registered without complying with the Company's regulations, we will suspend the player's account, including the use of identification cards as evidence that the member is part of the website policy.

We are striving to do our best and would like to cooperate with customers as follows:

  1. Use this program to prevent young people from using computers to access gambling sites
  2. Set computer password
  3. Do not share your credit card or bank account information with your youth
  4. Create a separate computer login account for young people. When young people use computers, they don't know your information.
  5. If you know that someone under the age of 18 (or someone under the age of majority) uses gambling services on our website, please inform us immediately.

Forcing Panalobet bets is useless to us. We specialize in providing a fun and safe gaming atmosphere on our website, players who are forced to gamble are considered a problem with their family, friends and social groups. It can lead to unstable conditions and unsafe conditions.

Panalobet is committed to investigating and trying to reduce motivation for gambling addiction. We have a system for monitoring player activity and we continue to design and enforce restrictions on our clients' betting limits that cannot be controlled by themselves.

To help you control your gambling, we want you to always remember that gambling should be viewed from an entertainment perspective