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Most of the casino game variations are shown in the dice and roll games

Most casinos offer a wide selection of games for their players. But basically all games are of the following three types - card games, dice and runner games. Mechanical games (using a runner or other mobile device) include roulette tables, slot machines, boules, big six wheels and Keno is like a lottery game.

Two losing dice and Sic Bo are played with dice or metal tokens like coins. Card games include Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and others.

Games in casinos vary from country to country, some games have multiple titles and some are specific to specific countries or locations. Scorpion poker and slot machines are common in American and international resort casinos, while European casinos tend to be more traditional games such as French Roulette, Fortune Wheel and Baccarat; Very popular in Australian casinos and like the name of the game, Caribbean Stud Poker is very popular in the Caribbean.

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