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Terms and Conditions

Basic Rules

  1. The Company is a legitimate internet channel trading institution, it reminds customers who are interested in participating in all games of the company, they should pay attention to the relevant laws and regulations of the country or area of ​​residence. If in doubt they should seek legal advice. The company assumes no responsibility whatsoever. for any violation of local law caused by all Company Games.
  2. Any language version of the Agreement is a translated version. Where the entire agreement causes ambiguity in translation or elaborating on the content of the Agreement, the Chinese version of the Agreement will prevail.
  3. If the User breaches any of the terms of this Agreement will be blacklisted, the Website has the right to suspend or close the relevant account without prior notice and will not refund while retaining the right to< /li>

Account Rules

  1. User declares and promises that information received from User when registering to open an account, including username, email address, telephone number and address, is true, accurate and complete in order to protect the website from fraud. and prohibit fraud Provide personal information such as a copy of your ID card, a copy of your driver's license, a screenshot of your bank card, a screenshot of your bank transaction log, a screenshot of your personal photo, or a copy of your resident's house registration book.
  2. The name of the account owned by the user must be consistent with the following proof of identity: Name on ID card;Bank account name
  3. Users can only have one account if they find that the Client has more than one account or has a relationship with other accounts. The Website has the right to freeze or close the relevant account without prior notice and without refund.< /li>
  4. User has more than one account including same name, same email address, same family, same IP address (connection type eg.,, also same IP address) same address same debit/credit card, same bank account, same computer (Universities, Groups, Internet Cafes, Libraries, Offices, etc.) are considered joint or questionable accounts, this website has the right to suspend or close the relevant accounts without prior notice. Refund
  5. All accounts are limited to one holder only, it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the user's account and password are private and secure if the user knowingly or unintentionally discloses/disclosures the account information. User may be stolen The game results in the loss of user accounts and all loss and responsibility shall be borne by the user.
  6. All registrants using a valid account and password will be deemed to have logged in normally and online transactions on their account will be considered valid

User logged in as well

  1. Users log in with a valid account and password and their respective bets are considered valid bets
  2. It is the user's responsibility to verify the bet information placed after a successful bet, all bets placed on that bet are valid and cannot be canceled or changed.
  3. Bet placed by the user in an unusual manner such as artificial intelligence or software or deception or attack or damage to the system or bets defined as high risk by the website's risk control department. will be deemed invalid and cancelled. The relevant account will be closed immediately and no refund will be issued.
  4. User is responsible for all transactions or bets created by his Account regardless of whether the User performs all transactions himself.
  5. All bet records are saved in this website's trading database and bet records in trading database are final and basic records
  6. User or group of bets placed in an unusual manner such as risk-free gambling, gambling or fraudulent activity, this website reserves the right to cancel the relevant information and terminate the relevant account without prior notice. notice The refund will be made and the user will be blacklisted
  7. If the following events result in payment failure, we will resend the video based on the live video fetched from the server
  8. Slow network signal resulting in unable to view real-time video, delayed video image or unable to display video image
  9. Slow networks can't connect to servers because criminals attack network providers, servers, etc.
  10. This website reserves the right to make final decisions regarding bets and any related transactions

Special rules

  1. To claim all bonuses or discounts on this website, the user must comply with additional rules and requirements to enjoy the relevant benefits.
  2. Users must abide by and abide by the withdrawal rules and restrictions stated in the relevant offer, otherwise the withdrawal request will not be accepted.
  3. After deposit you need to get 1x turnover to withdraw money
  4. Users associated with an individual or group to defraud or defraud the associated bonus by improper means such as the following, the Website has the right to suspend or close the relevant account without prior notice and the user. will be blacklisted without refund and reserves the right to follow up
  5. This website may cancel or amend rules and exclusive content at any time and is not responsible for explaining instructions to users.This website reserves the right to make its final decision.
  6. If there are no restrictions stated in the promotional activities on this website, the promotion will end when the member has successfully withdrawn or the account balance is less than 10